How can Group Support Help?

DLM Divorce Mediation focuses exclusively on non-adversarial solutions to the complex legal problems of separation and divorce. As part of the solution, I am proud to launch a members-only group called Dignified Divorcers.

Dignified Divorcers gather to share stories of hope and inspiration, or to share stories of despair. Whether contemplating a separation, newly married, in a long-term marriage, or divorced, every member’s story offers a unique perspective and is a valuable contribution.

You will benefit if you are someone who either has a success story to share or is someone in a relationship crisis and desperately needs encouragement. For those who are successful, it is an ideal opportunity to help others learn strategies for success, to give back to those who may be suffering, and to reap the rewards of knowing they are conveying the idea of dignity. For those who are struggling, they will discover they are not alone, there are options, and there is hope.

By bringing people together in this way, I respond to the call for a more dignified and peaceful approach to managing the intricacies of separation and divorce.

When: Every first and third Monday, from 7-9pm

Where: Private Office Suite on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Cost: First meeting is free; then Membership Dues are $50.00/month.