Why Mediation?

Mediation helps to mitigate and even eliminate some of the difficult consequences of divorce. The ideal mediation couple will voluntarily agree to pursue a divorce peacefully and with as little conflict as possible. The vast majority of unmediated divorces are settled by competing attorneys or at the mercy of the court. By contrast, in mediation, the couple maintains control over all decisions, may save a substantial amount of money in attorney fees, is usually able to get the divorce decree more quickly, and can walk away from the marriage with the sense of dignity and composure that comes from peaceful resolution of conflict.

By staying out of court, the couple agrees to prioritize compromise and negotiation over expense and lengthy litigation. The couple agrees to prioritize the emotional well being of their children by modeling behavior that demonstrates the ability to see each other’s point of view, even in the midst of conflict. The couple agrees to prioritize personal integrity by engaging in cooperative behavior rather than by resorting to contentious war games.

My role as mediator is to help divorcing couples resolve issues that affect their future lives such as co-parenting, spousal support, and division of property. By carefully guiding the couple through the decision-making process, I enable both spouses to arrive at a workable and durable agreement that they are both comfortable with, and that is best suited for their unique family. Furthermore, the mediation process itself can equip each spouse with valuable negotiation skills that they can apply to their future and separate lives.

You will walk away not with everything you want, but with what you need.